Logisting Industry
Sanko to innovative

We are proud with industry No.1 product lineup of plastic pallet,
which is the foundation of product distribution in logistic and warehousing industry.

Logistic Solutions

Since our founding, we have continued to develop products specializing in logistics industry equipment, and it has been and will never change. The accumulated know-how can flexibly respond to the ever-changing logistics form, and we will support logistics in Japan with the proposal power that only a specialized manufacturer can do.

About us

Contamination Problems

To hygienically transport marine products at fish markets and fish processing sites.

Rust Problems

Sanko's products solve the problem of metal mesh pallets (mesh boxes) rusting.

Damage Problems

Sanko's high-strength plastic pallets solve the problem of plastic pallets being damaged


Sanko Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 manufacturer of plastic logistics materials.
We support our customers in solving their problems with our extensive product lineup.

Plastic Pallet

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Plastic Container

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