Sanko Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

We are proud with industry No.1 product lineup of plastic pallet,
which is the foundation of product distribution in logistic and warehousing industry.

Main business

Injection moulding of plastic products for logistics and warehousing etc.

Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet contributes to make work place safer and more hygiene, and to reduce the total cost.

Plastic Container

Containers for multi purpose with its high durability and functionality.

Other Products

Other plastic product to support in product, storage and also transportation.

About Sanko Co., LTD.

Sanko Co., Ltd. was founded as a textile company in Japan in 1951.

In 1961, it formed Sanko Kasei Co., Ltd. and started plastic moulding business. Sanko develops and manufactures products especially for containers/ boxes for industrial use and large plastic products for logistics-use.

Sanko currently has 26 manufacturing plants, 9 branches and 69 sales offices throughout Japan.

Tokyo H.Q.

2-11-2 Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Tel : +81-3-3630-3535
Fax: +81-3-3630-3693

Gifu H.Q.

474-1 Honden, Mizuho-shi, Gifu
Tel : +81-58-327-3535
Fax: +81-58-327-6691



3 DEC 1951





  • Sanko Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Leasing and management of real estate)
  • Sanko Leasing Co., Ltd. (Plastic pallet and container rental, and related cleaning business)
  • Sanko Textile Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing and design of textile and cloth)
  • Niko Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing and processing plastic product)
  • Goko Co., Ltd. (Apartment lease and management)
  • Rokko Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (Insurance agency business)
  • Hachiko Co., Ltd. (3 golf courses and a driving range management and planning & sales of cosmetics)
  • Shiratori Corporation (Manufacturing plastic-made cardboard, foamed divider, box and various kinds of fabrication for container)
  • Kotobukiya Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing plastic products for safety-use such as traffic corn and fence
  • Shinko Co., Ltd. (The same business as Shiratori Co., Ltd.)
  • Nippon Plastic Pallet Corporation (Manufacturing plastic pallet)
  • Tensho Electric Industries Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing plastic precision parts, container, pallet, electric appliance, auto parts, etc.)


  • Sanko Plastics Phils., Inc. (Sales of plastic products)


  • Sanko Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.